Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How to convert a PSX game from a CD to a PSP EBOOT

Installing the Program files

Installing Popstation GUI v3.00


1. Download 'Popstation GUI v3.00' and save it to a folder on your computer.

2. Popstation doesn't have an installer, so extract the RAR file to any folder on your computer.

Installing Magic ISO Maker


1. Download the 'Magic ISO Maker' Installer and save it to a folder on your computer.

2. Run the Install program, click 'next' four times and the program will start installing.

3. Once the program has been installed press the 'Finish' button.

Making a Cd Image of your PSX Game

1. Start 'Magic ISO Maker' and click the "Try It" button on the 'Register Screen'

2. Insert your PSX game into a Cd or DVD Rom drive.

3. Click the 'Tools' Menu and select 'Make ISO from CD/DVD Rom'

4. Click the 'Make CD Image' option.

5. Select the CD / DVD Rom drive you inserted your PS1 CD into.

6. Choose 'BIN Image File' from the drop-down box.

7. Select where to save the CD Image to.

8. Click the OK Button and the CD Image will be saved to your Hard-Disk.

This may take a couple of minutes...

9. Once the image has been saved, you can close the 'Magic ISO' Program.

Converting the Cd Image to EBOOT format

1. Start the 'Popstation GUI' Program.

2. Select the 'CUE' file of the Image you saved earlier.

3. Choose the folder where the EBOOT.PBP file will get saved to.

This will automatically get filled in with the Name of the Image.

4. Choose the compression level, this is normally set at '9' (Best compression).

If the game is running slow then try re-converting with less or no compression.

9 is the best compression

1 is the worst compression

0 is no compression

5. The name of the game should show in the Game Title. If the game title is wrong

Press the 'Select' Button and choose the correct game name.

6. I recommend leaving both of these options unchecked.

Fix Screen Height: If the bottom of your games are cut-off then you will need to tick this.

Fix Graphics: If your game has graphics corruption, this option may fix it.

7. Press this button to show the 'Customize' options.

ICON0: If you have a custom icon for the game then you can add it in here.

Image size: 144 x 80 Pixels, 32 bit color, PNG format -- ICON0.PNG Sample

PIC0.PNG: This is the 'Information' image, which is usually 'transparent'.

Image size: 480 x 272 Pixels, 8 or 32 bit color, PNG format -- PIC0.PNG Sample

PIC1.PNG: This is the Background Image shown when you select the game.

Image size: 480 x 272 Pixels, 32 bit color, PNG format -- PIC1.PNG Sample

ICON1.PMF: This is an 'Animated Icon' which can be used instead of the ICON0.PNG

SND0.AT3: This is the 'Sound' the PSP will play when the game is selected.

WARNING.PNG: This is the 'screen' you see while the PSX game is loading.

Image size: 480 x 272 Pixels, 32 bit color, PNG format -- WARNING.PNG Sample

Make sure you have the 'WARNING.PNG' box ticked as it is needed for all games.

If you don't have any 'custom image files' then untick all the boxes except for warning.png.

8. Click the 'Go' Button.

If you get this message below, click the 'Yes' button.

Not all games require will a PAL to NTSC fix, Your game will need fixing if the bottom of your game is 'cut'

If it is then you will need to reconvert again, but tick the 'Fix Screen Height' Option box.

If you have selected the PAL to NTSC fix you will get this message. The NTSC to PAL fix will be

reverted back once the program has finished converting so choose the 'Yes' option.

9. Your Game will start getting converted to the PSP Compatible 'EBOOT.PBP' format.

(There is a bug when using Vista, the 'Bytes Written' doesn't count up)

10. After the conversion has finished, you will be asked If you want to transfer the game to the PSP

Click 'No' since we will manually transfer the game to the memory stick in the next section.

Transferring the Converted Game to your PSP

1. Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB Cable and activate a USB connection.

2. Open the Folder where you saved the game in the 'Popstation GUI'.

If you didn't change the folder it will be in the folder with the CD Image.

3. Select the folder and choose 'Edit -> Copy'

4. Open your PSP Memory stick Drive Letter (e.g E:\)

5. Open the 'PSP' folder and then the 'GAME' folder.

6. Click 'Edit -> Paste' and this will copy the game over to your memory stick.

This is how your 'Memory Stick' layout will look like after you have copied the game onto it.

7. Close the 'USB Connection' and disconnect the USB cable from your computer.

8. On your PSP, go to the Game menu, select 'Memory stick' and press 'X'

9. On the Game Menu you should see your PSX Game listed

Highlight it and Press 'X' and your PSX game will start.

It may look like your PSP has frozen, just wait a few seconds while the PSX Game loads.

How to tell if a game needs the 'PAL to NTSC' fix

In the image below the game has a big black bar at the top of the screen and the bottom is cut off.

This game will need the 'Fix Screen Height' box to be ticked before you click the 'Go' button to convert it to an EBOOT.

This is the fixed game, The black borders should be the same size on the top and bottom.


Guide thanks to Spiral! =]